Mouse Blocker Classic


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The Mouse Blocker is the worlds first ultrasonic mouse deterrent dedicated to vehicles. The Mouse Blocker is a 12 Volt powered device releasing an ultrahigh frequency noise (that humans cannot hear but if we could it would sound like a jackhammer!) to deter mice from nesting inside your vehicle. The Mouse Blocker is designed to protect vehicles from clogged or blocked interior areas, which can ultimately result in severe damage to your vehicle. The Mouse Blocker runs exclusively off a vehicle’s 12V battery or anywhere with a 12V power supply so you don’t have to worry about leaking flashlight batteries or extension cords.

The Mouse Blocker installs in your engine bay and is designed to be stable in this harsh environment. Safe under high bonnet temperatures, stable at below zero winters and unaffected by moisture and dampness associated with exterior operation. Stable in areas of heavy vibrations like tractors and mowers and compact enough (about the size of a deck of playing cards) to hide almost anywhere.

These have been sold in the US for years with thousands of success stories all over the globe.

Use what the Pros use:

Trusted and Installed at hundreds of:
*New and Used car dealers
*Tractor and farm equipment sales and supply stores
*Caravan and Motorhome dealers
*Motorcycle dealers
*Independent vehicle performance shops and garages
*Low draw on the battery at less than 1 watt

Protect your pride and joy and fit a MouseBlocker today!