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Our Hazard Flare's come supplied in a case with six units that can be recharged in the box by the cigarette plug or mains wall plug provided.

"Moving" light is more effective at alerting and guiding drivers than random-flashing or stationary patterns. Enhance the safety of your team, family, self by using sequential warning lights.

The lights are fully waterproof and provide a low profile, long lasting light source with multiple modes of operation which can give up to 50 hours of light output on its lowest power setting. They have a recharge time of 8-10 hours.

Their low profile reduces risk to other vehicles, they can't be blown over by fast moving traffic and do not need any form of support or mounting which can take up precious vehicle space.

With 6 light units in each case of lights, they can be deployed in series, directing traffic around obstacles, bends and corners. The magnetic base also allows them to be attached to signs, vehicles or any metallic surface.

They are powered by a rechargeable lithium CR123 battery which are extremely economical compared to traditional beacons that rely on replacement batteries every few weeks, this allows for superior performance and versatility in a case which weighs less than 3 kgs.

These are incredibly robust units and will withstand operational deployment more readily than traditional beacons and being powered by LED's they have a considerably longer life expectancy than strobe or incandescent light sources.

The Hazard Flare has many uses- police and emergency services, vehicle recovery and breakdown assistance companies, marine safety crews, highways agency and road crews, local councils and utility companies. Its also used in the aviation sector as a demarcation marker and is widely used by the military and many private air service providers.

Main Features:
- Synchronise & asynchronous function
- Rechargeable carry case
- Strong magnetic pad to attach to vehicle or metal object
- Control all of flares through a single flare
- Dust proof, Crush proof and Waterproof
- Switch between 360 degree horizontal viewing angle or 180 degree vertical viewing angle
- Convert asynchronous flash and sync flash by push the button on any single flare
- Turn off all flares by one button
- Automatically selects top or side LEDs based on angle orientation of flare (lockable)

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