Awning 12V Dimmable LED Camping Light Flexible Strips Amber And White


Key Features

Beam Patterns


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 This kit consists of a 1.2m awning light strip fitted with 72 white and amber LED chips. The low power consumption means it can be left on all night without draining the battery.

  • Can be folded into the small bag provided making it very portable.
  • A touch dimmer switch can be used to adjust the brightness from 10%-100%.
  • Hooks at each end with fastener tabs in between for easy mounting.
  • Can be connected directly to the vehicle battery with a cigarette lighter or directly to the battery with battery clips.
  • The LED strip light is covered in a plastic and nylon housing, resistant to water, dust and moisture.
  • White and amber LEDs (Amber LEDs do not attract flying insects at night making for a pleasant evening under the stars).

Package Items

1 x 1.2m Light Strip with 5m of cable
1 x Wire Harness with Cigarette Lighter Interface 
1 x Wire Harness with Battery Clip
1 x Touch Switch
1 x Carry Bag